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What you get:

1.  Fully functioning Website providing access to Santa through an easy-to-remember domain name

2. User portal for parents and kids.. 

3. Kid’s wish lists are emailed to parents. Audio files may be saved by parents to preserve fond memories. 

4. Website includes a license to 35 heartwarming, inspirational and entertaining vintage Santa Stories from Toyland TM; professionally produced in 1986 with sound effects, a cast of characters including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, brother Harry and Eleves. These amazing original stories have entertained hundreds of thousands of children. 

5. Custom greetings integrated for Sponsors, creates additional revenue streams. 

6. Digital photos with Santa in front of Santa’s Workshop. 

7. App was designed to easily add additional functionality, like VOIP/SIP access, personalized messages from Santa, etc… 

8. Exclusive, Non-Exclusive and geographically location licensing is available.

9. Offered for Sale; Lease with Purchase Option or Revenue Sharing is available. You can purchase or license the Domain Name, Website or both. 

Go to and enjoy the adventure. During the pandemic we provided free access to Santa through non-profit organizations for fundraising.

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